Lufthansa A380 departure and take off from Frankfurt enroute to San Francisco. PLEASE NOTE: This is not my video and is owned by Copyright content is allowed by the owner. Please visit to purchase full video. Thank you.


  1. Planes fly straight and Level and don't nose down every couple minutes, No Curvature !
    Watch- '200 proofs the Earth is not a spinning Ball '… by Eric Dubay….

  2. beim starten von triebwerk 3 und 4 hat der Pilot spanisch oder ähnliches gesprochen, war das ein,,Spaß" oder wie ?

  3. Forget the A 380, the vehicle that does the push back sure has to be mighty powerful. That little flatbed truck pushing a mighty aircraft….

  4. I love this guys level of smart ass. I have all these lives in my hand flying the biggest plane in the world and I'm so confident I make jokes for 10 hours. That's the guy I want as my pilot.

  5. Mucho alemán, mucho inglés. Pero cuando encendieron los motores, el piloto dijo "1, 2, 3, 4" en perfecto español. Sólo por eso ví el vídeo completo.

  6. You can tell this pilot is one of the best out there. Flying an A-380 is most likely reserved for the most accomplished. Pilots like him deserve every dollar they earn (and more).

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