A frightening experience for passengers on a Qantas flight. It had just taken off again after making a pit stop in Singapore–en route from London to Sydney–when one of its engines failed. After pieces of the engine started breaking off, the pilots returned to Singapore for an emergency landing.

A Qantas Airways A380 landed safely in Singapore on Thursday after experiencing engine failure. It’s one of the most serious incidents for the world’s largest passenger plane in its three years of commercial flight.

The Airbus A380 originated in London and was carrying 459 people. One of its four engines was causing trouble shortly after it left the island state en route for Sydney.

Australian officials say no one on board was injured.

According to a statement from Singapore’s Changi Airport, the plane landed safely just before noon local time.

Witnesses say the plane was surrounded by emergency vehicles but there was no sign of any smoke or fire.

The passengers disembarked from the Qantas aircraft and were bused to the airport terminals.

They appeared calm and there were no signs of any injuries.

Qantas has grounded the six Airbus A380 planes it owns, pending a full investigation.

Despite the safe landing, debris from the plane was found in the Indonesian island of Batam.

The incident has shaken up some preparing to board Qantas flights in Sydney.

[Leon Davis, Qantas Passenger]:
“I am very concerned. I don’t really like flying, so I am really concerned about it.”

[Edward Maas, Qantas Passenger]:
“It is a shame for Qantas because they have this safe reputation for flying safe for many years. And it’s after KLM, one of the oldest airlines in the world, so it is pretty bad, but I think they are still a good airline.”

Others say there’s no need for worry.

[Jim Pegg, Qantas Passenger]:
“I think we just have to accept that these things happen. But it is not going to affect any travel plans I’ve got.”

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