VH-OQC on flight QF31 service Sydney Kingsford Smith to Singapore Changi Apologies for the poor camerawork VH-OQJ bound for LAX as QF11. Departing on one of the shorter runways at Sydney International Airport, she was aided by a 25 knot westerly wind on 25-Apr-2012. Just as a side note, you may want to go full screen HD to see her properly. An Emirates A380 departs Kingsford Smith International Airport via Runway 25, a somewhat rare occurance for a A380, especially EK s. The aircraft departed to Auckland New Zealand. VH-OQA A Qantas Airways Airbus A380 departs Kingsford Smith International Airport in Australia bound for Hong Kong as QF127. Check out the dust Nancy bird Walton picks up as she rotates off Runway 25 Qantas A380 flight departing Heathrow on runway 27R, recorded from top to Terminal 5 building in high definition. The Airbus A380 was developed in response to the growing problems of airport congestion and air traffic control systems struggling to cope with the number of aircraft in operation. Originally known as the A3XX, the enormous design was re-christened as the A380 following the official launch of the program in late 2000. Upon entering service, the A380 will become the first full triple-decked super jumbo-jet as well as the first true competitor to the Boeing 747. Though many argue that the aviation industry is not ready for such a giant, Airbus believes that by commiting to the A380 now, the company will be in excellent position to take advantage of such a need by 2020. By then, Airbus estimates a potential need for 1200 passenger and 300 freighter models. Despite its large size, the A380 adopts a conventional airliner design with a cylindrical fuselage slightly wider than that of the 747. The A380 also features a standard low-mounted swept-wing configuration with four podded engines along its span. The landing gear include 22 wheels so that the load per wheel is comparable to that of the Boeing 747 and 777. This design makes the A380 compatible with most existing runways at major airports. However, the large wingspan requires most airports to widen taxiways so that two A380 aircraft can pass each other. Many airports must also build additional jetway bridges to accomodate the large number of passengers, and baggage handling systems also need upgrading. The internal layout lt b gt … lt b gt Korean Airlines A380-800 Take off from Lax Runway 24L Tokyo, Japan Narita Airport Singapore Airbus A380 Sydney Airport Runway 25 QANTAS A380 Landing in Sydney for the first time. Sunday 21st September, 2008. Kingsford Smith Airport YSSY Runway 16R. The aircraft turns right at the end of Runway 16R, and taxis back to QANTAS Jetbase via the perimeter fence. We were literally 25 – 30 metres from the aircraft. Aircraft appears much larger and more impressive when you are there. Hope you enjoy Take offs from Runway 25 shot with panasonic tm700 Actual takeoff from runway 36L is shot with sony HX100v hand held. This video is in response comment on Virgin Blue Boeing 737-800 VH-VOS Close up Wonkabar007 I don t get why they don t have the jet in blue LOL. Note the word blue is in red www.youtube.com decollo a Roma Fiumicino ROME FCO LIRF B767 Kenya Airlines From ROme FCO To Nairobi Date Wednesday 19th December 2012 Airline Virgin Atlantic Flight No VS007 Aircraft Boeing 747-4Q8 Aircraft Name Lady Penelope Aircraft Reg No G-VFAB Serial number 24958 LN 1028 First flight date 14 04 1994 Delivery date 28 04 1994 Seat No 52K Departure Airport London Heathrow, England, UK Depature Gate No Terminal 3, Gate 16 Departure Runway 9R Arrival Airport Los Angeles, California, USA Arrival Gate No Terminal 2, Gate 25 Arrival Runway 24R Gate Departure Time 12 38pm GMT Take-off Time 1 10pm GMT Arrival Time 3 28pm PST Gate Arrival Time 3 44pm PST Flight Duration 10 hrs 18 mins 0 09 – Boarding Pass E-ticket. 0 20 – View over the Apron from Gate 316. Includes welcome announcement from the Captain. 0 49 – taxiing to the Runway. 1 01 – Taxiing past Terminal 5. 1 36 – Returned to Terminal 3 due to a passenger too ill to fly. 1 57 – Taxiing to the Runway. 2 49 – Taxiing onto Runway 9R. 4 05 – Take-off with great views over Terminal 4. 4 37 – The Blenheim Centre, Hounslow, Kew, River Thames, Old Oak Common Railway Depot and Willesden. Includes welcome announcement from the Flight Service Manager. 5 24 – Ascending through the clouds and close up of the wing. 5 50 – Working the newly updated In Flight Entertainment System – Vera . 6 09 – Flight stats and route map. 7 21 – In flight food menu. 7 37 – My apple juice and water from the complimentary beverage service. 8 22 – Scattered thick cloud 31000 ft above the Atlantic Ocean. 8 26 – Flight status. 8 47 lt b gt … lt b gt They re the new kings of the sky, The biggest passenger jet ever buil


  1. I CAN'T believe these huge beasts get off the ground! And I can't believe how gently they come back down to the ground. KUDOS to every pilot who flies these behemoth monstrosities. We've come a long way from canoes, to sailing ships, to these monstrous airships. 

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