What a powerful takeoff


  1. I was on VH-OQA NANCY BIRD-WALTON QF12 on march 3rd 2013 it's never even like she had an uncontained engine failure she performed at 150% I was scared to board her though after watching a documentary on OQA the week before my flight nonetheless great flight and it looked just like this video

  2. You asked Is this "Singapore" are you asking the airline or the area? Cause if it's the area it's LAX. SpeedBird works @ LAX for 1 and for 2, QF12 operates LAX-SYD.. I wasn't expecting to know the first fact but yeah..

  3. This is possibly the best takeoff video I've ever seen. It's a good thing to know that VH-OQA is about to return to service once again!

  4. @TributesforWorld I believe this is the a/c that had an engine "explode" while on a flight. Anyone, please correct me if im wrong

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