Finally, a daylight departure of Qantas A380 at LAX… what a treat!


  1. Qantas Should have one of the SYD services go at 14-15hrs meanwhile the other goes at 22-24hrs and same as their own MEL services one in Day and One at Night and BNE in Day also.

  2. This thing is mahoosive!  Going to be flying an A380 in a little over 3 weeks, when go from LHR to MEL, via DXB and SYD.  Good to see this and see how big it is.

  3. she was, is and ever will be my number 1 airline in the world ! nothing beats Qantas ! god bless them on every trip !

  4. Even after so many years of flying on so many airlines, domestic and intl, it still never ceases to amaze me how that huge a thing can lift off the ground. Just amazing.

  5. Never did I dare compare the likes of Qantas with shitty US airlines. However, British airways, Virgin Atlantic and many others are more elite airlines to favor.

  6. Why is this QF A380 takeoff during the day? was it headed to NYC since, QF doesn't use their A330s to LAX anymore?

  7. Instant like without even watching…that is a treat. I will be on this bird in less than 3 weeks time…cannot wait, it is a great jet!!! Great video by the way lol

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