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First off let me just apologize. Be warned, despite finally being on an A380 this isn’t the best full flight video I’ve made. My camera battery died just inches above the runway at Heathrow, literally! Less than a second before touch down my camera run out of battery. I tried to grab my older camera out of my bag as quickly as possible but we had just vacated the runway by then. Also the A380 is extremely quiet and Qatar decided to play deafening, irritating music during the entire departure sequence which completely ruins the take off.

SO that aside. This was my first flight on-board an A380 and what a beautiful aircraft it is, Qatar have done a tremendous job on them. Very modern, spacious interior with lots of room and fantastic entertainment system and of course the service was brilliant. However with A380’s there is an “Outer layer” of plastic over the window so you can’t actually get your camera up to the window so the edge of the window is nearly always visible. Beautiful views over central Europe, some nice shots of other traffic around and incredible “sight seeing” approach over London! Look out for all the London land marks on approach!

Aircraft: Airbus A380-861
Reg.: A7-APA
Seat: 48K
Date: Friday 5th June 2015
Flight Number: QR003
Departure Time: 07:45 (actual 08:05 approx.)
Arrival Time: 13:15 (actual 12:50 approx.)
Flight Duration: 6 hours 45mins approx.
Cruising Alt: FL400, 40,000ft
Departure Runway: RWY34L
Arrival Runway: RWY27R
Route: DOH-LHR

So I was impressed with the A380 and the service of Qatar however I must say I prefer the 787. And I prefer airlines that don’t play bloody awful music during take off!

Thanks for watching.


  1. Clickbait title as usual. It takes like 7 hours to get from Qatar to London dumbass. Stop calling it "full flight" when it really fucking isn't.

  2. How was ur flight ??? How was ur seat , legroom , foods , drinks and entertainment system ??? Do they served wine onboard??? Is it unlimited or only one glass ??

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