I was curious to sample the Qatar Airways First Class product on the A380 and compare to my previous experiences on their A350 and other airlines’ First Class products.

On this flight – it was good and bad. I loved the design aesthetics and the signature detail and engraving Qatar Airways has instituted into their hard product. The end result is a beautiful, warm and inviting cabin, lounge and bathroom environment.

Soft product-wise, it was slight disappointment with lacklustre catering (breakfast from Bangkok) and poor wifi. Service from the crew was polite and prompt, though lacked personality.

its a solid service, though definitely room for improvement if benchmarked against the world’s best first class products.


avid flyer


  1. Interesting that these high class airlines with the latest equipment are from Islamic countries, which, technically, do not allow consumption of alcohol for religious reasons (although people break the rules all the time, I'm sure). And yet every conceivable brand of booze is available and is consumed in flight. Maybe most of the staff and customers are not Muslim or not particularly religious.

  2. It is Tattinger, NOT what you were saying. With all the luxury travel you do, you really have no clue, do you? Nothing elegant about you at all.

  3. In My Opinon,The Best (In A380's)
    First Class Seat-Etihad
    First Class Toliets-Etihad And Emirates
    First Class-Etihad
    First Class Service-Etihad And Emirates
    First Class Cabin Crew-Emirates And Qatar
    First Class Lounge-Qatar

  4. I really love your combination of first- and third-person-shots as well as music, voice-over and live-sound! Top quality channel! 🙂

  5. As usually magnificent vlogs keep it up bro and btw how do I earn miles I travel a alot but never knew how to register in that

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