Qatar airways first class review and trip report
First Class on Qatar Airways Doha to Paris A380

Come join me in First Class as I enjoy flying Qatar Airways from Doha to Paris in the wonderful Qatar Airways First Class, also including the Al Safwa First Class lounge in Doha.

This is a full trip report on Qatar airways featuring ground and airport services, airport lounges, cabin experience, airplane dining, boarding, takeoff and landing.

I was sitting in seat 2K in the first class cabin.
Qatar Airways first class has a total of 8 first class seats in the cabin of their A380’s which make for a wonderful experience.

I really enjoyed my time in Al Safwa lounge and also enjoyed catching 5 hours of sleep in my own private bedroom for the night in between arriving and departing again. The Al Safwa first class lounge also included full dinner and breakfast service.

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Qatar Airways Flight 39
Depart : Doha (DOH)
Arrive : Paris (CDG)
Departure time : 7:25am (Actual 7:50am)
Arrival Time : 1:15pm (Actual 1:16pm)
Airbus A380-800
Reg : A7-APE
FF:22ND Jan 2015 (1.7 YR OLD)
Del: 14th June 2015
Seat : 2K
Flight Time : 6H 25M
Meal Service : Breakfast & Dine on Demand

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  10. What cameras did you use to shoot this? Do you have a GoPro attached to your luggage when you're walking through the terminal and boarding the flight? It's super stable. Love it.

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