Peter Michel’s Remote Control Airbus A380/800 in troubles.
He had to land.
4xJetCat P-120 engins


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  2. Borrring. Sorry, but this was not much fun to watch. Might have been, had there been a better videographer….but several elements were missing. He just wasn't close enough to the action; there were spectators closer than he was with the camera! I'm very glad the jet didn't crash – it's a real beauty, and must've cost a bundle. Let's believe for them to do a much better job the next time around.

  3. ive never flown an rc plane and i bet i could do a better job. his controls were either on or off, full throttle and 2 more feet and take off?

  4. @nagrom355 Learn to read then mate…the title never says there is a crash! If you want to see it crash…ask him nicely and he might let you have a go!

  5. @N476HA And $9000 to get a pilot's licence, hangar fees, fuel and maintenance costs at what…maybe $120 or so per hour of flight time? Way too expensive for my blood!!

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