Singapore Airlines has cancelled three of its Airbus A380 flights as a precautionary measure. It comes after maintenance workers found oil stains on the planes’ engines. The same plane, owned by the airline Qantas, experienced an engine failure late last week, raising fears of the world’s largest passenger jet.

Singapore Airlines says it’s replacing engines on three of its Airbus A380 planes after finding oil stains on them. The announcement comes almost a week after Australian rival Qantas grounded its A380 fleet due to an engine failure over Indonesia.

Singapore Airlines is flying the three affected airplanes back to Singapore to be fitted with replacement engines. Two of the planes were in Australia, and one in London.

One of the jets took off from Sydney Wednesday afternoon, leaving some of the passengers waiting hours for another flight.

[Andrew Collier, Australian Passenger]:
“We have been put onto another different airline, we are going Emirates now. We have got 7 hours wait which we are not happy about, but that is life, so we just got to take it on the chin.”

Qantas grounded six of its A380s last week, after a Rolls-Royce engine partly disintegrated mid-flight, forcing the fully laden Airbus to make an emergency landing. This was the biggest incident to date for the world’s largest passenger jet.

[Joachim Binotsch, German Tourist]:
“Well honestly, when I saw all these news in the last ten days after we came, I was thinking ewww, not a nice thought to sit in one of these machines at present.”

Investigations into the Qantas incident have focused on oil leaks inside the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines, the same model used to power Singapore Airlines’ and German Lufthansa’s A380 fleet.

But Singapore Airlines stressed the problems on three of its 11 A380s were precautionary and unrelated as the oil stains were different from the oil leakage in the Qantas turbines.

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