Hi guys, here’s a new report of my vacation in Australia and New Zealand. The route is Auckland-Singapore. This route is only operated by the Airbus A380 during summer. As usual on Singapore Airlines, the flight was amazing, the FA were very nice, the plane was super spacious and the food was great! Always a pleasure to travel with them!

I also had the chance to visit Changi for a few hours: swimming pool, shops, restaurants, gardens… what an amazing place!

Hope you’ll enjoy it, and see you in the sky!


Airline: Singapore Airlines SQ SIA
Aircraft: Airbus A380-841
Registration number: 9V-SKB (second ever delivered A380!)
Delivery date: January 11, 2008
Flight Number: SQ286
Date: 13.01.2015
Flight duration: 9h40


  1. Great bunch of video's you have 2F2. I don't know why I haven't seen you around the You Tube world before! Like to travel Singapore Airlines one day. Happy Travels, JJ30.

  2. Was your second flight Singapore to Zurich (not certain if ZRH is Zurich)? I'm doing a very similar flight journey in about two months. I'm going Christchurch to Singapore (during the night unfortunately, so no awesome sunny view) and then Singapore on to Düsseldorf. Also, I wanted to say that your captions and the footage really made me giggle at some points, there was a lot of character just in those little clips! So helpful to see this from an economy perspective as this is my first Singapore Airlines flight, up to now I've only flown with Air New Zealand. So excited now!!

  3. Your flight report is on point, SIA is special. I was fortunate to fly with them over the summer, I truly enjoyed my journey with them, what an awesome airline. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I'm excited! I'm flying Singapore airlines A333 25th June 2016, Australia to Singapore and back! Btw I've flown 36 times and 34 times Singapore airlines

  5. thx i need to know whats up do they come with toothbrushes my dad is asking im going this month on the 21st from singapore to australia also funny story last time and further back i was scared of the toilet's flush so i stepped outside and let my dad flush it lol

  6. i used to work as an aircraft tech servicing all sq flight including A380..i missed my old job but as an aircraft tech..thx guys for the positive comment abt the cabin..now i know i did well in servicing A380 cabin

  7. flying makes me happy too 🙂 I dont fly often though :c i was on a domestic flight in NZ the other week and i heard one person say they hate flying so much but they do it often, I would happily take their flights 😛

  8. I've been to Singapore before but I went on scoot in January I will be going again but on Singapore airlines hope fully it's as good as this

  9. Im going to be making this flight in March 2016, thank you so much, I know what to expect for such a long flight.  PS:  What were the toilets like? :/

  10. going to be making a similar journey with Singapore Airlines in April 2016 except I'll be flying to Singapore from LHR and eventually ending up in Auckland. Thank you for posting this video as it's now begun to sink in and I absolutely cannot wait!! please keep up the excellent work!

  11. I'm heading to Japan in January 2016 (with Singapore airlines with school) Q1 is the food good? Q2 are the seats comfy? Q3 was the flight good? was there any bumps or plane issues when u were on? And Q4 are there any tips u can give me ( first time on a plane) thanks, oh and that goes out to anyone who has gone on Singapore airlines!! thank you so much!!!!

  12. That Video was really Good 🙂 I love videos like this. Where you see the 380 from inside with the delicious meals and all the other things

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