Tokyo Narita International Airport


  1. @along609 i can answer that for you from a pilot point the Airbus have and age type of body or to say I am a Boeing 747-800 pilot for United and Continental airlines the Boeing 747-800 have the same type of shape like the Boeing 747-400 but if you look at it the vip class is longer then then our older type of Boeing's but back to the A380 but Airbus wanted to make a plane like this for years but never had the money to make it but Airbus need a body to for longer flights but it use more fuel.

  2. @ICET100 Its just a bit northeast of the actual city of Tokyo, in the city of Narita. The busier Tokyo airport, Haneda, which still handles mostly domestic flights, but is now rapidly introducing international, is built on reclaimed land in the bay of Tokyo, closer to the city

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