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07 April 2014
Singapore Airlines 0026
(Codeshare: US Airways 5445)
Frankfurt-New York JFK
Departure: 08:25 (Actual: 08:41) (GMT: 06:41)
Gate: B46 Runway: 25R
Arrival. 11:00 (Actual: 10:54) (GMT: 14.54)
Gate: A7 (Terminal 4) : Runway 31L
Airbus A380-800 “9V-SKQ”
Economy Class 60K

Welcome to Part II of my April USA trip! The A380 is the worlds largest passenger jet and it has been 7 years since it’s first revenue flight. Time for me to log it! I also wanted to try out something exotic as well! Soon I decided to book Singapore Airlines from Frankfurt to New York, part of the 23hour journey from Singapore to New York.

Ratings for Singapore Airlines

Departure: 80%
Aircraft Cleanliness: 80%
Seat Comfort 90%
Crew 90%
Catering 80%
Arrival 70%

Overall: 83%
It isn’t a secret to anyone that Singapore Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world. This isn’t lied at all, from check in to getting off the plane Singapore provided outstanding service with attention to each detail! SQ serves what you could expect in another carrier’s premium cabin! However their IFE system is running behind on carriers like SN and DL as it’s a bit harder to operate.

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  1. I flew the full length of the flight (SIA-FRA-JFK), and despite the fact that it was 23 hours of nonstop travel, it felt like I was staying at a hotel. I flew in economy class (seat 57C), but it felt like I was flying business class on American (which I have done). They feed you so much and there is so much to watch, not to mention that the seat is the nicest I've ever sat on (even nicer than American business class). I'd give the whole flight experience a 11/10. Why can't we have nice things like this in America?!?!? 😀
    P.S. Why does the non-alcoholic (I think that's how it was labeled) apple cider at your McDonalds taste like hard cider? Also, since when does McCafe (yes, people, it is a separate store from McDonalds overseas) sell fresh, and quite frankly, delicious donuts, yet us Americans must put up with processed garbage?

  2. …….clear air turbulences for the first 1h 45 minutes.I had that a while ago in the 9V-SKD on the way to Singapore at the tropical convergence zone.

  3. Durch dieses Video steigt meine Vorfreude auf den Flug nach New York im nächsten Jahr nur noch mehr
    This video enlarges my anticipation for the flight to NYC next year more and more 😀

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