The newly release Airbus A380 model in 1:100 scale is a big model. In this video we show the assembly and finer points of this beautiful aircraft model.


  1. Great review..!! Wonderful model….I recently bought the Skymarks Boeing 737-700 "Southwest Airlines" blue and orange livery colors, 1/100 scale model ( SKR8222).
     I'ts just simply a killer model.! With great detailed landing gear, beautiful graphics
    and with the great addition of spinning turbine engine fans.
    I'd say, they're just missing a few aerial antennas a couple of beacon lights to appear real…!!! Skymarks I think is climbing to the top with the quality of their models..

    Would sell my poor soul to the devil right now to buy this 380..!!

  2. am i the only one that noticed? why is it that 1/100 models cost like $200 and 1/144 models only like $20? its not fair! it's not even that big of a size difference!

  3. May I also add that despite the customs that you need to pay for the import. Dealing with Steven has been a pleasure! That alone really makes it worthwhile considering ordering from them!

  4. Absolutely. We ship internationally every day. To see shipping costs and options go to diecastairplane and .com. To find this item directly type in the item number SKR8501 in the search box.

  5. Youtube does not allow links in comments but you can go to diecastairplane . com and do a search for the item number SKR8501 to find this model.

  6. The guy below said airline museum is the best, or eBay…actually, eBay seldom has a lower price, but they can have some unique models, and airline museum is good, but diecast which is the shop and owner in this video, are a bit cheaper. I ordered from them and I compare to airplane and museum…eBay… this place had better numbers. But, shop around and do what works for you.

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