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More frustrations for Austalia-based airline Qantas. Its latest incident, a Boeing 747 had to return to Sydney after somke was spotted in the cockpit. It comes almost two weeks after an Airbus A380 plane owned by the airline had to make an emergency landing in Singapore for an engine that failed over Indonesia.

A Qantas Boeing 747 returns to Sydney, after smoke appeared in the cockpit, during a flight to Buenos Aires.

It’s the second safety incident for the airline since one its A380s was forced to make an emergency landing in Singapore earlier this month, due to engine failure.

The latest incident was sparked by an electrical fault in a cockpit instrument – and is putting further pressure on Qantas to maintain its image as the safest airline in the world.

[Olivia Wirth, Qantas Spokesperson]:
“The problem with QF17 was simply to do with a minor electrical fault in the cockpit, it was to do with the selection panel which had a faulty part.”

Qantas said the plane landed safely with 220 passengers on board, adding it wasn’t common for a technical issue to force a plane to turn around.

[Olivia Wirth, Qantas Spokesperson]:
“The pilots have reported that there was a minimal amount of smoke in the cockpit, in line with procedures, the captain, Captain Loudon did make priority clearance.”

Six Qantas A380s remain grounded as the company investigates the cause of engine failure that forced an emergency landing in Singapore on November 4.

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