A severe storm passed Europe yesterday and some pilots had to fight with extreme crosswinds again while trying to land at Düsseldorf. Storm “Katie” reached wind speeds up to 60 miles an hour and the wind was coming from South/East, which caused a 90° “wind attack” angle for the planes. Some airplanes which tried to land at Paris CDG or London Heathrow had to divert to other airports because the wind was way to strong.

I spent 8 hours at the airport yesterday and some of the clips are a little dark because I already started filming before sunrise. Check out the rabbits crosswing the runway while the Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 landed.

The annual “Crosswind Landing” competition took place at Düsseldorf again ;). Exactly one year ago I uploaded my last corsswind landing video.

Featured planes: Airbus A340-600, Airbus A380, Airbus A330, Airbus A320, Boeing 737, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, Boeing 777, ERJ-170 and more.

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  1. we have reports of rambunctious rabbits running across a rabbit restricted runway in front of a rapidly approaching plane.

  2. damn, i guess thats what my cousin meant when he said that he got 2 certifications, 1 for flying commercial and another one a certificate for " BALLS OF STEEL".

  3. Is it me or seems like Airbuses can't decrab?

    does it have to do with the fly by wire system? weird and ugly at the same time.

  4. Was für eine beeindruckende Perspektive! WOW! Wie viel mm Brennweite sind das in etwa? 800mm? Sieht auf jeden Fall sehr cool und einzigartig aus! 🙂

  5. Für mich das schönste Video dieser Art ! 🙂
    Neben EDDL wunderschön zu beobachten der 340 von der LH 🙂

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