Thai Airways Airbus A380 Super Jumbo
Thai Airways International Airport


  1. sao khong cho a380 bay mua chi gio khong bay de lam kieng ha
    thai lan thua nhieu emirates va singapoer no bay a380 bay day troi kia

  2. คุณขา!ทำไม่ต้องเป็นของเราด้วย! ช้วยทีเถอะนะว่า"ทำความสะอาดA380" ตัวถังดูไม่จืดเลย!

  3. Found your video of the Air Canada 777 turnaround in Hong Kong, and after watching the whole thing, I needed more :3 Found your full flights and everything, and I think it's awesome you do these. They're perfect to put on in the background of doing something else. Very relaxing. Keep it up!

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