Almost a year ago, the first of six A380 for Malaysia Airlines arrived to great fanfare. Today, the sixth received a warm welcome as well to mark the completion of our flagship fleet & to celebrate its status as the 100th A380 delivered by Airbus.

Soon it will take to the skies, carrying passengers from Kuala Lumpur to London & Paris.


  1. nak tanya blh ?? knapa kapal terbang dijirus air mcm tu ?? dia panas ke ?? maaf soalan xmasuk akal sya tnya .. tpi sya nk tahu knape je sbb banyak pesawat buat mcm tu

  2. Every time I look at MAS now, I feel pangs of sadness. My tax money (among other Malaysian's) was used to revive it if not once maybe twice. But yet, luck still not on her side. But I have faith in her, one day surely she will soar again.

  3. Awesome looking A380! when they are goin to fly to Sydney? Come on MAS! The former CEO shown here is history now. MAS had two disasters under his watch.

  4. Malaysia Airline has been upgraded to whole new level. It is a pride for MAS having the largest passenger plane. I hope MAS can add a few more A380s to be more efficient. Good job. Let's rise and succeed.

  5. MAS need to buy more a380s! The future a380s can be used for tokyo and the East Asian market. Also for the Australian market. I want MAS to start back its Cape Town / Johannesburg – Buenos Aires service with these. Good Luck MAS for the future!

  6. Wow.That's Amazing Malaysia Airlines Receive 100th A380 From Airbus.BTW Congratulations To MAS & You Deserve It To Receive The 100th A380.

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