The 1st regular industrial flight furnished by the enterprise Emirates landed Saturday at 13:35 on the Wonderful-Côte d&#39Azur airport. An A380 will land and choose off each and every day from the Azurean platform.


On board 519 travellers. 429 in eco course, 76 in business enterprise course and 14 in 1st course. twenty five crew members to support for almost seven hrs of flights. A cruising velocity of 874 km / h at around 12,000 meters of altitude. 2 floors. four reactors. So much for the figures. But the A380 is also a huge smooth carrier and in actuality quite responsive in the viewpoint of the pilot who assured this maiden flight of Wonderful, Captain Vincent Barteille. It is also area and pretty contemporary machines even in eco course. Guided tour of the eco course up to the “1st” by way of the “business enterprise”.

 The staircase leading to the eco class of the Emirates A380 - Radio France
To the eco course of the Emirates A380
                     © Radio France
                            – Laurent Vareille

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