I took the world’s biggest plane to DXB airport in Dubai for a lengthy stopover before my continuing flight to Bali!
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  1. Eveybody wants to work in dubai
    they forgot it's an arab country
    We don't want europeans to work with us here in arab countries
    Go to china

  2. "I'm actually early for my flight for once" Who are you and what have you done to Evan?! Nah, honestly I just think you're plane awesome

  3. seems like you're having a headache all the time after your flights. You should drink vodka + redbull, it helps a lo lol

  4. I was on a coach once and I felt really anxious and shit also I was sitting by myself half the journey (1 to France I say by myself ,2 France to England I sat next to a teacher who I never met and didn't know her name) and I was feeling so claustrophobic as the dude in front went all the back on the chair and I got one person I knew who was sitting next to me (whom now is one of my best friends) and as I don't like creating arguments with strangers I felt my anxiety go up and it was hell eventually he put his back to normal and was like "why didn't you put your seat back" and I was said back to him sassily " because I didn't want to" and he shut, he now is one of my friends and fantasise over games, yay!:D

  5. The Emirates A380 is such an awesome experience. My flight back from Bangkok to Dubai was practically empty, it was an early morning departure and it was so amazing, I could literally lie down on all 3 seats, put my legs up, walk around and even stand having coffee and chatting with the cabin crew.

  6. Normally what I'd do if someone pushes their seat into my personal space is every so often you just have to stab your knee into their back and then they feel uncomfortable and move forwards

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