The first Airbus A380 delivered to China Southern Airlines takes off from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, near Toulouse.


The 1st Airbus A380 delivered to China Southern Airlines usually takes off from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, near Toulouse.

When it flew to Australia on its globe-1st commercial flight – ten decades in the past this Oct – the Airbus A380 was billed as “the biggest, quietest, greenest, most fuel-economical per passenger” aircraft that experienced at any time flown. It was capable of taking additional travellers than any commercial aircraft in advance of it (while licensed to get 843, commercial airways usually settle for between 370 and five hundred).

It could get off with the biggest payload (travellers and baggage) of 63 tonnes and fly a lengthier distance (fifteen,two hundred kilometres), with additional technological again-up than any of its “Significant Hen” rivals.

If the unlikely notion of the “flying elephant” started with Disney’s Dumbo movie in 1941, and continued with the 1st “Jumbo” – Boeing’s 747, which went into service in 1970 – the A380 was the world’s 1st “Tremendous Jumbo”.

An Airbus A380 flies over the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner.


An Airbus A380 flies around the Queen Mary two ocean liner.

It is so significant (73 metres prolonged) and with this sort of a large wingspan (eighty metres from suggestion to suggestion), the biggest hub global airports throughout the globe wanted to be reconfigured just to cope. (Sydney Airport, for instance, spent additional than NZ$a hundred million preparing for the biggest of birds.)

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Australia has prolonged been part of flight aviation heritage, from Lawrence Hargrave’s flight in his box kite in 1894 to the epic journeys of Sir Charles “Smithy” Kingsford-Smith, Nancy Hen-Walton and astronaut Andy Thomas.

The A380's interior is popular with passengers, due to its spacious layout.


The A380’s interior is well-known with travellers, thanks to its spacious layout.

Still as the “huge white underbelly” of that similarly historic double-decker Singapore Airlines flight circled around Sydney on Oct 24, 2007, the on-ground Sydney Morning Herald reporter pointed out that when SQ380 touched down – with the “1st-at any time double-bed suite”, the “world’s biggest small business seat” and “a couple of further centimetres of knee place” for economic climate travellers – it would mark “the biggest milestone in civil aviation in approximately 4 many years”.

Sure, the A380 was two decades late. But a good deal of airways experienced positioned orders. Singapore was 1st to fly it, but fourteen other elite airways were in the queue for 169 A380s. Qantas, with 20 on order, was the second most enthusiastic consumer immediately after Emirates (55), followed by Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways and Etihad.

The natural way absolutely everyone envisioned Boeing – the Seattle-dependent American huge – to battle again versus its European competitor. So it did, with the 787 Dreamliner, which (immediately after its individual a few-year hold off) took its 1st commercial flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong in Oct 2011.

A British Airways Airbus A380 aircraft taxis.


A British Airways Airbus A380 aircraft taxis.

Nevertheless a wide-bodied, prolonged-haul, twin-engined jet with a lot of of the A380’s specialized advances, the Dreamliner is not even a Jumbo considering the fact that it “only” carries between 242 and 335 travellers, depending on the airline seat configuration. Nonetheless, its prolonged variety, mid-dimension and fuel performance tends to make it extremely adaptable.

So, a 10 years later on, how has the Airbus A380 fared? How has it matched up to passenger expectations? As of 2017, thirteen airways have a total of 214 A380s in service. Not one of all those is American. By significantly the biggest A380 consumer is Emirates, which has 96 in service and yet another 46 on order. “We are scheduled to acquire our 100th A380 later on this year,” states Barry Brown, Emirates divisional vice-president for Australasia. “The A380 tends to make up additional than a 3rd of our fleet.”

Singapore Airlines has 18 A380s in service, with yet another 5 “on company order”. Qantas, meanwhile, has twelve A380s, running on flights from Melbourne and Sydney to Dubai, and on to London, as nicely as flights from Melbourne and Sydney to Los Angeles and from Sydney to Dallas, with seasonal expert services into Asia.

That initial Qantas A380 – Nancy Hen-Walton – took off from Melbourne to LA in Oct 2008, still Qantas has no additional A380s on order. As a substitute, the 1st of its eight Boeing 787-nine Dreamliners is thanks to start service on the Melbourne to LA route in December.

Boeing states a total of 578 Dreamliners are now in service, with yet another 700 on order. All Nippon Airways (60), Japan Airways (34) and Qatar (thirty) have the most in flight.

What, if nearly anything, went completely wrong with Airbus’s bid for ascendancy around Boeing? In terms of engineering excellence, it continues to be a marvel (as was the world’s only commercial supersonic aircraft, the late-lamented Concorde).

Who understood its wing strategies were dependent on the wing feathers of a steppe eagle, giving it further raise in a restricted circle upwards? Or that its 3000 sq. metres of fuselage is a glass reinforced aluminium laminate which can endure continuous batterings from a superior velocity, superior altitude rooster gun?

Finally, while, most travellers only care about two matters about a aircraft. How safe and sound it is and how comfy it is.

No A380, according to, has, God inclined at the time of writing, has at any time crashed or been included in a stowaway, hijack or sabotage incident. Nor has anyone at any time died in suspicious circumstances aboard an A380. Famously, even so, Qantas Flight 32 was forced to make an unexpected emergency landing at Changi Airport on November 4, 2010, immediately after an uncontained motor failure. Captain Richard Champion de Crespigny became a Member of the Purchase of Australia for landing the aircraft without a solitary injuries.

So is the A380 as pleasurable an working experience as we were promised? And if it is this sort of a technological marvel, why has it struggled to sell in the volumes Airbus predicted?

Plainly the Global Economical Crisis (which coincided with the A380’s roll-out) did not enable revenue. But some airways felt the important notion was flawed. Tremendous Jumbos count on transporting significant quantities of travellers between major hub airports like Changi, Dubai or London.

All quite nicely, if the hub airport is in the metropolis you want to be in. If not, you’ll have to transfer to a more compact aircraft anyway. Increasingly, travellers like to fly specifically to their vacation spot – which usually entails more compact aircraft.

1 of the excellent environmental promises for the A380 is that its ability to have so a lot of travellers cuts down the selection of flights by much less-fuel-economical aircraft (also decreasing get-off and landing congestion, and easing the sounds load for individuals dwelling in the flight route). Still travellers – particularly in much less value-delicate types this sort of Company and Initial Class – are inclined to want a unfold of departure situations to go well with their requirements.

Nevertheless, all those who have flown on the A380 are overwhelmingly in favour of the aircraft.

Emirates’ Brown points out that not only does an Emirates A380 fly the second longest route in the globe (from Dubai to Dallas, twelve,933 kilometres), but also the shortest A380 flight (from Dubai to Doha, 379 kilometres, at the moment suspended for political motives).

Financial system travellers on an Emirates A380 enjoy the thirteen.3-inch monitor (the biggest in the marketplace for Financial system) with its 2500 leisure channels, states Brown. Meanwhile Initial Class travellers can unwind in a private suite, in advance of freshening up in the shower/spa.

As for Singapore Airlines – the airline celebrating the tenth anniversary together with the A380 – what has modified considering the fact that 2007?

“We pioneered suites and there are twelve on every single A380,” a Singapore airways spokesman states. “Nonetheless, we additional Top quality Financial system in 2015. The 36-seat cabin is found between Suites and Financial system Class, on the decreased deck.” The airline is preparing on a major revamp in the up coming couple of months.


Gordon Phillips retired in 2013 immediately after 46 decades as one of Qantas’s most senior pilots. Most of his career was spent flying Boeing aircraft (707s, 747s, 747-400s and 767s), but for the final a few decades of his career he flew the Airbus A380.

WHICH IS THE Superior Plane TO FLY?

“I felt additional in management of a Boeing. It was additional satisfying as a pilot, additional fingers-on. The A380 is additional technologically highly developed, significantly additional spacious and quiet than the 747. I might like to fly the 747-four hundred, but I might like to be doing the job on the A380.”

DOES THE A380 HAVE Superior Fuel Efficiency?

“The jury is out on that. My working experience sales opportunities me to feel you require a really complete flight to make the A380 pay back.”

WHAT ARE THE Complex Pros OF THE A380?

“Even with a complete load – for instance taking off from LA to Sydney – it can commonly use the shorter runway, which saves a good deal of time and fuel taxiing to the lengthier runway. It is also quiet and peaceful inside the cabin at all situations, including takeoff and landing.”

WHAT IS THE Most important Gain FOR Passengers?

“It is unquestionably well-known amongst travellers who obtain it quieter and additional spacious.”


Jeremy Burns labored as a Qantas cabin crew member on A380s for 4 decades, immediately after a number of decades doing the job on Boeing 747s. He left Qantas in 2016.

DOES IT Take Lengthier TO Provide THE Meal Services?

“No, it’s about the similar as other aircraft. There is certainly additional crew in every single cabin. There may possibly be an further cart or two in economic climate.”


“Mainly because every single of the two decks has its individual doorways, it’s equivalent with a 747.”


“The air good quality. Cabin air is recycled each and every two minutes. Soon after a crew rest on a 747, I might often wake up with nightmares.”

WHAT IS THE Most important Gain FOR Passengers?

“The quietness. The A380 is considerably quieter in all cabins.”

WHICH Airlines Run A380s?

Singapore Airlines (Oct 2007)

Emirates (August 2008)

Qantas (Oct 2008)

Air France (November 2009).

Lufthansa (June 2010)

Korean Air (June 2011).

China Southern Airlines (Oct 2011).

Malaysia Airlines (July 2012).

Thai Airways (Oct 2012)

British Airways (August 2013)

Asiana Airlines (June 2014)

Qatar Airways (Oct 2014).

Etihad Airways (December 2014).

Source: Airbus.

THE A380 IN Numbers

Array: fifteen,two hundred km

Greatest travellers permitted: 853

Standard seating: 544

Greatest payload: 63.forty tonnes

Wing span: 79.seventy five metres

Total length: seventy two.seventy two metres

Peak: 24.09 metres

Cabin length: forty nine.90 metres

Greatest cabin width: 6.5 metres (major deck), 5.8 metres (higher deck).

Engines: Airline selection of 4 x Rolls-Royce Trent 900, or 4 x Engine Alliance GP 7200.

Source: Airbus

A380: Swift Information

How a lot of family cars and trucks could park on every single wing of an A380? 70

An A380 lands or usually takes off each and every how a lot of minutes? Two

The air temperature in an A380 can be picked between which variety? 18-thirty degrees Centigrade

The fastest turnaround between two complete A380 flights is how prolonged? 90 minutes

For the duration of get-off, how a lot of metres is an A380 wing intended to flex? Over 4

Source: Airbus


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