Some of the most memorable moments on Earth aren’t happening on Earth. Find inspiration in exclusive lounges, refresh in Shower Spas and enjoy room to think in quiet tranquillity.

The largest, quietest, most efficient passenger jet in the sky. Hello to the Emirates Airbus A380.

To find out more about the A380, please visit


  1. Pretty model, but why did they dim out the shots of her teeth in all the other shots except the last close up shot.

  2. it says the most memorable things don't even happen on earth but check again when your flying you are in the atmosphere of the earth so you are on earth, if you were not on earth you wold be in space or etc…. . 

  3. Eric Ortiz you probably know by now that the song is by Atilla and was done for the Airline.  I suppose its there song.  It may be on iTunes.  "Moments like these put us at ease, moments that capture our hearts". thats it.  She is pretty though.

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