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If the job of the former administration of Air Austral had not been abandoned, the Reunionnais would by now be entitled to air tickets thirty% more affordable, with no subsidy with the Airbus A380.

A new airline has arrived in the sky from Reunion Island due to the fact June: French Blue. It is positioned on the specialized niche of low-charge lengthy-haul. Its method of procedure aims to present costs reduced than the competition. The publication of the figures of the attendance of the Roland-Garros airport in July were being consequently substantially awaited. They would be able to evaluate the influence of the arrival of French Blue about a total month.

In between Reunion and France, 70,000 passengers were being transported. This is an crucial maximize: 16.two% additional than in July 2016. That makes 9.350 additional again visits. At the identical time, French Blue transported ten,500 people. From this first total month of provider, this represents 15% of the current market. This also suggests that the primary arrival of a new operator able of selling more affordable air tickets has amplified traffic. Certainly, in comparison with 2016, the 4 organizations that by now operated the various traces among Reunion and France lost one,one hundred fifty passengers again and forth.

This confirms the evaluation introduced in “Témoignages” of July 21: each arrival of a new organization pulls costs down and raises traffic among Reunion Island and France. This is the primary cause for the constant maximize in the quantity of flights: from three,000 passengers in 1960 to about one.two million this 12 months.

If the trend observed with the arrival of French Blue is verified, then the Reunionese will be able to know that they will have lost a number of yrs because of the stoppage of the job of Airbus A380 which was to be exploited in low- Value by Outremer 380, a subsidiary of Air Austral. Certainly, 1 of the arguments applied by the new administration of Air Austral to refuse the job was to say that putting on line this plane would make competition within the group and a transfer of passengers to the A380 To the detriment of Air Austral. Gillot&#39s newest figures display, on the opposite, that a thirty% price reduction for A380 passengers would have mechanically led to an maximize in all round traffic, and consequently restricted losses in this place for Air Austral. In other phrases, for Air Austral, the disaster does not threaten because of the arrival of the low-charge, but for other explanations.


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