Flight 204 from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai


  1. It would take me 2 seconds to eat the lobster "entree" …. I would prefer they make me a 32oz. boneless ribeye….. asparagus… mash potatoes… banana pudding… Talenti Sea Salt Caramel.
    I thought the girl was fine…a camera in her face and the guy probably staring at her with his mouth open….kinda uncomfortable.

  2. Love the Yanni music. You put a lot of effort into the shooting and editing of your video, and it really shows. Thanks for taking the time to create this and share it with the YouTube community. Just subscribed and looking forward to more of your work! Aren.

  3. Unless u do this in miles seems a bit pointless. A cigar and nice meal @ St Regis & a first class ticket will cost a lot less.

  4. Good video but bad butler service because she barely made any eye contact with you. I would've filed a complaint and hope you did

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