In 20 many years, the French have much more than quadrupled their use of cans, likely from an once-a-year ordinary of seventeen in 1994 to 77 in 2015.

] And this progression remains consistent. Amongst January and June 2017, revenue of canned drinks in shops amplified additional: + 1.3% in volume and + 3.4% in price in comparison to the exact period of time in 2016, thanks to a comfortable

1 / Enhance of electrical power drinks

For the duration of this period of time, electrical power drinks recorded the most Sturdy progress in revenue: + eight% in volume and + 7.1% in price, prior to comfortable drinks (+2.2% in volume, +2.3% in price) and beers (+.2% Quantity, + 4.5% in price). Preference was specified to beverages with taurine, but also frozen teas (+23%), beverages with lime (+seventeen%) and fruits (+twelve%).

2 / The beer is conditioned

In entrance of the bottles, the industry of the can of beer retains the prospective: the progress (ABInBev, Heineken and Carlsberg Group) was + 9% in the initially six months of the calendar year, in comparison to + 7% at the mixture stage. Currently, practically a few out of ten beers bought in supermarkets, hypermarkets, challenging discounters and community makes are cans, compared to “only” two out of ten comfortable drinks.

3 / The “slim can” is a area

In the out-of-property industry, 75% of cans are now bought in “slim” or “modern” structure and about 40% in shops. And even one hundred% of drinking water and electrical power drinks! Confronted with this achievement, the computerized distribution sector adapts and modifies its appliances to adapt to this much more elongated and finer product, common with consumers since simpler to cope with and lighter, according to a CSA study for the GIE . Smaller containers also have the wind in their sails: the 50cl and the 33cl eliminate ground towards the box of twenty five cl (+twelve.six%) and fifteen cl (+5%).

Apart from the advantage of being a light-weight fat thanks to its thinner walls than a hair, the can is also easily recyclable : a few out of 4 are today Whether or not steel or aluminum, to infinity. On the other hand, “there are continue to much too quite a few deals that are either buried or incinerated” regrets the affiliation La Boîte Boisson . In 2010, the software released the “Each Bobbin Rely” software. It gathered 21 million cans in 2014, or 200 tonnes of squander. Figuring out that with fifteen million, one can manufacture an Airbus A380, that is a good reason to carry on to do “pschitt”!


The Bobbin in Numbers

-The can can be eighty two many years previous. The initially, a flathead, released by the American Can Enterprise, appeared in the United States in 1935.
-250 billion of cans are eaten for each calendar year in the entire world, of which about 5 billion France
-77% of the can are eaten in France for each particular person for each calendar year
-67% of can can be recycled in France, in comparison with ninety one% in Switzerland.
-Born in the many years 2000, the “slim can” today represents 1 billion models distributed in France
-The wall of a can built .073 mm
-Vide, it weighs on ordinary 20 grams depending on the steel made use of and the capability of the can. A single can of every a few
is stuffed with beer.
-The recycling is critical and handy: 660 cans built of aluminum make it probable to manufacture a bicycle, 48,000 a motor vehicle and fifteen million an Airbus A380 aircraft
-In France, 4 corporations share the industry, representing 1,000 immediate work and 85% of French use.

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