Emirates has launched the world’s shortest scheduled A380 service from Dubai to Doha, flying a distance of 379 kilometres. Emirates has steadily grown its presence in Qatar and now operates nine daily flights to Doha, making it the most served destination in its network.


  1. Environmental pollution and fuel wastage at it's best!
    Thank you Emirates for being the most environmentally unfriendly airline worldwide.

  2. emirates wants to show off by bringing its a380 to doha…qatar airways is d best and its a380 goes to farther distances and they dont waste fuel likr emirates

  3. One time I had a shorter flight with A380 from Belgrade to Podgorica. But that is not regular flight, I don`t know why that day it was A380 operating that flight 🙂

  4. How many time a passenger need for check-in, flight and check-out for this destinations? I think, Emirates is one of the safest Airlines in the world.

  5. first thank you for leaving people to comment your videos that mean so mush to me secound is this the shortest a380 flight

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