My First class experience with Qatar Airways between Doha Hamad and Paris Charles de Gaulle – March, 24th 2017.

You can read the report on Tyler Birth :

Special event on this flight : Onboard birthday
Flight : QR39
Aircraft : Airbus A380-800
Registered : A7-APC
Music : Qatar Airways boarding music


  1. Amazing video of QR A380s first class, and I like how you added the QR boarding music which I think it's the best boarding music to the video.

  2. اتمنى ان يكون عندي موظفين بنفس الفعالية والمهنية مثلهم ..فيديو روعة مشكوريين

  3. Great first class seat, amazing lounge, superb service. Not mentioning the lounges at Doha airport, that are absolutely astonishing.
    Qatar (alongside Etihad) is way underrated. I think both Qatar and Etihad are better than Emirates.

    And man, their boarding music in the background. Is just wonderful, so nice and relaxing!

  4. Hey, great video! I have asthma, but I will be travelling on this airline…business class. Is the cabin pressure comfortable?

  5. Let me start by saying, "Simply wonderful music." I would have liked subtitles telling us about the meals though. All in all an excellent video. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for the review. I'm now not tempted to upgrade from business to first on Qatar. There is so little difference apart from a wider seating area, and a fancy box for the ameneties kit. The food and beverage menu and service is the same. I'm also not fond of all that brown and beige and the dark wood. Oh… and that's definitely not a first Class sausage! xx

  7. Great video mate! Boarding looked like a disaster, though. 🙂 I'm currently considering Qatar First on a trip between Sydney and London next year so it was nice to get a brief preview (I'm also considering JAL or Cathay).

  8. First class seats should come with parachutes. That way if there is a problem you can jump out of the emergency exit and land safely someplace somewhere.

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