The biggest business jet an Airbus A380 will be delivered to Saudian Prince in 2015 by Airbus @Airbus


  1. For all you ignorant folks agreeing and going along with this anti-American, anti-Capitalist, anti-Humanitarian, pro-wealth distribution, liberal/socialist idealogue who goes by "Rx"… Watch this video and learn something they won't teach you in a liberal college.

    : )

  2. this Privet jet A380 was for Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia but because of recession did decide not to get it he cancel now he fling much small version of AIRBUS

  3. You can have it dude. Way to many orange couches for me. I would like a kitchen, bedrooms and game room. Not just a bunch of couches!

  4. What the fuck is wrong with the Saudi prince who would buy this? Oil revenues are plummeting. Your country actually NEEDS MONEY to do things like create ANYTHING to ride out an economic downturn caused first by plummeting prices and second by the rise of renewable energy. Hey, Al-Waleed bin Talal…YOU ALREADY OWN A FUCKING 747.

  5. This is wrong. It's a plane, and yet there is not a single seat from which you could comfortably look out the window. I'd rather have an economy class window seat.

  6. All these will come to crumble one day just like saddam and gaddafi,they princess enjoy world class luxury while there is no where in the world where poor citizens are oppressed like in arab world,they kings and princess wine and dine alcohol while the poor are beheaded for stealing cellphones,

  7. how many lounges and couches could you need. Where do all these people sit when they are not lounging. I would not want to sit upright on a couch for 16 hours. Give me a sleeping bag on the floor somewhere.

  8. Last year I earned $76.5K before taxes.  That puts me in the "Middle Class" in the USA, just barely.  I could only afford to operate this jet for about 3 hours and that's just fuel and maintenance (forget the cost of the jet itself if amortized.  4.5 Billion people in the World live on about $2 USD a day.  Just saying.  No one ever said that Life was "Fair" but this is ridiculous and I'm a Conservative Libertarian…

  9. If I bought a A380, I would've have everything that people would like, Tv room, Game Center, Dining room, lounge, and bedrooms, please comment to let me know your ideas for a private A380

  10. Why the heck to they need so many lounges ? How many are there ?
    For only one bedroom… Where are the guests supposed to sleep ?

  11. It really looks like a house in there. Dear god I want them to build a 900 or 1000 series A-380 (a stretch/lengthened version). If they ever do, it will be my favarite airplane ever.

  12. Good job! Let's make sure the top 1 % (from an economic point of view only of course) have it even more comfortable than already whilst the middle class is being treated more and more like cattle. But hey, the economy needs to grow, right?

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