The Virgin Atlantic lounge has been reviewed many times before, but it is simply the best U.S. airport lounge I’ve ever visited. They have a relatively extensive menu, lots of premium drinks and champagne. The staff is friendly and offer a very high level of service. The lounge has a spa which offers a hair cuts, unfortunately haircuts are only complimentary for Virgin Atlantic passages, so I had to cough up $20 for a haircut. $20 is roughly what I would pay for a hair cut, so I decided to go for it.


Menu Set Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK

Lanson Black Label Champagne, NV, France 12.5% abv – a very smooth champagne

Very nice empanadas

The chicken curry was highly recommended

Very nice Tea Forte


Tarmac View Etihad Airbus A380

Tarmac Views – Emirates Airbus A380


Tarmac Views – AirEuropa Airbus A330

Tarmac Views – Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787



Vanity Area

LED hued walkway towards shower suite

Overall Score: 3.6/5 – A good lounge based on international standards, one of the best lounges I’ve visited in the U.S.

Hard Product:

Seating Area: 4/5

  •              The greatest variety of seats I’ve ever seen in a lounge.
  •              A formal dining area for proper restaurant type meals.

Entertainment: 4/5

  •              The lounge had a pool table, several TVs and great views of the tarmac.
  •              Great wifi – I was able to download videos for the flight.
  •              Provided access to Mac desktops.

Spa – 2.5/5

  •              The lounge offered complimentary treatments to holders of Virgin Upper Class tickets only.
  •              Hair treatments and trims (not wet shaves) are available for men.
  •              Spa staff was tardy in fulfilling appointments, causing scheduled appointments to be pushed back.

Soft Product:

Customer Service – 4/5

  •              The staff paid attention and seemed excited to be there.
  •              The waiters/waitress checked up on each guest constantly we gave her a positive review when we left.
  •              The spa employees were slow and did not have the energy of the rest of the lounge staff.

Food & Drink –  3.5/5

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