– Singapore Airlines and Qantas Airways said that they have discovered cracks on the wing ribs of some of their A380s. Both airlines along with Airbus insist that the cracks pose no safety threat and that repairs have been made.

Airbus has informed airlines operating its A380 superjumbos to check for small cracks in wing rib-skin attachments, but said the “minor” cracks are “non-critical” and don’t constitute a safety issue.

The European plane maker has confirmed that the cracks have been found in various parts of the wing rib attachments of five superjumbos one belonging to Qantas, two to Singapore Airlines, one to Emirates and one of Airbus’s development aircraft.

Less than a centimetre in length, the cracks were found on the L-shaped feet of the wing ribs. The feet attach the rib a vertical fixture to the cover of the wing.

Airbus engineers first discovered the problem during repair work to a Qantas A380 the airline’s first one which has been in Singapore since it suffered an engine failure over Indonesia’s Batam island in 2010.

As for the source of that problem Airbus has traced the problem to an aluminum material used in the wing ribs called 7449 which tends to be more sensitive to the way the parts are assembled on the wing.

There are now 67 (A380s) in service around the world and, while they have never had a fatal accident, there have been teething problems.


  1. I love how Airbus downplays the dangerous problems the A380 has been through, oh cracks in the wings on an almost new 400 million dollars plane ? that's no issue, they'll only get bigger, an uncontained engine explosion midflight ? no issue, almost ripped the plane apart and killed everyone on board,

  2. Surly to God, cracks on a wing would ALWAYS be a safety problem. I see this becoming a major problem for Airbus as a good overall % of it's wing structure is made up of composite materials. Problems were highlighted when major cracks developed when the company executed it's wing stress tests for the first time. In fact, Airbus had to produce some wizardry to progress with it's launch as the composite glue simply failed and as a result the wing just came apart. Looking at this and other reports it seems this issue has and will not go away.

  3. cracks not in 'critical' places? if there are cracks then those are obviously the most highly stressed places and therefore, yes … critical…

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  5. My mate who is an engineer at Quntas said one morning they found the wing sagging down to the ground,so they did a hush job and lifted it back up with a forklift and tightened the bolts back up

  6. Cracks anywhere on an a jumbo like the A380 can be the cause of wear and tear/metal corrosion. By the way, the person speaking has a British accent and is saying "aluminum" instead of aluminium. In the UK, we call the metal aluminium NOT aluminum, which is the US English translation of the word. They should use an American accent voice next time, not a British accent voice. Offensive to us.

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