“With 222 million euros, I could have finished items in Toulouse” could have thought Neymar, the new Brazilian star of the PSG.
For ten times, we&#39ve been speaking about only that. Neymar, the Brazilian global and former player of Barcelona, ​​mocks the media chronicle. And his inaugural efficiency in Guingamp (Côtes-Armor) for the next day of Ligue one (3- victory with a target and a decisive move of the star auriverde) confirms that our championship has received a nugget

[Réactions] “Do not overlook your shin guards”: Toulouse waits Neymar from agency foot

Neymar, it is to start with 2 times Pogba

222 million euros, this is far more than double the sum of Paul Pogba&#39s transfer from Juventus from Turin (Italy) to Manchester United (England) in August 2016 (a hundred and five million euros). Considering the fact that the Qatari leaders signed the examine to the leaders of Barça, the whole of France attempts to give a numerical indicating to this astronomical sum

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For For The Parisian the transfer of Neymar would depict the equal of the order of three Rafale, far more than 25 000 m two Paris or … fifty five million BigMac .

In Bordeaux, 277 tons of black truffle from Périgord!

Nearer to dwelling, our neighbors in Bordeaux, our colleagues in the South-West converse about a identical price tag for the development of the new stadium Matmut-Atlantique, budgets 2016-2017 Rugby, Stade Toulousain, Clermont, Stade Français, Toulon, Racing ninety two, Union Bordeaux-Bègles, Stade Rochelais, Section Paloise and Rowing Bayonnais. But also of far more than 277 000 tons … of black truffle of the Périgord!

In Toulouse, the additional charge of the 3 subway line, pretty much an Airbus A 380 …

What about Toulouse? With 222 million euros a single can afford far more than 50 percent of a Airbus A380 which expenses 436 million bucks (price tag record 2017) , Ie somewhere around 372 million euros.

Do you still like transportation? The undertaking of 3 e Toulouse subway line generates dizzying figures, far too. Notably for its price tag. Opportunity or coincidence, 222 million euros depict, to the million of euro, the additional charge of this new subway line in between 2016 and 2017 . Believed at two.twelve billion euros in 2016, the over-all charge of the Toulouse Aerospace Express undertaking was evaluated in 2017 by Tisséo at two.35 billion euros. That is a “ten% increase” according to the Transport Authority of the Toulouse urban area.

With 50 percent of the funds paid out by the Qatar leaders to snatch Neymar in Barcelona, ​​ Tisséo could have served the airport by subway (110 million euros). Tisséo desired a “Higher Frequency Express Shuttle”, with an financial investment of forty five million euros. Virtually a single leg of the Brazilian …

In the absence of a direct subway, a single goes towards an “tramway specific” to provide the airport of Toulouse

… and the new Exhibition Middle

Ultimately, the president of the PSG, Nasser Al-Khélaïfi, could also pick to finance the new Parc des Expositions de Beauzelle which will see the mild in 2021 in the north-west of Toulouse. Of the 311 million euros of the development web-site, the Qatari leader could have paid out the share of Toulouse Métropole (199 million euros) and the extension of the T1 line of the tram Following Garossos, paid out by Tisséo (22 million euros).

[En Photos] The amazing creating web-site of the long run Exhibition Middle of the Metropole of Toulouse

In the Haute-Garonne, the winners at the EuroMillions in December 2012, can claim to be in a position to contend with Neymar. These citizens of Revel, who experienced pocketed far more than one hundred and one million euros to the famous sport, are still the very best lottery winners in the department. The last blessed types, a few of tourists who experienced loaded a ticket on July 24, 2017 in Roquettes (south of Toulouse), have received three million euros. That is to say one/seventy four e of the number ten of the PSG.

Close to Toulouse, a few pockets three million euros in the lottery

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