Airline: British Airways (BA)
Route: London Heathrow (LHR) – New York John F Kennedy (JFK)
Aircraft: Boeing 747-436
Registration: G-CIVF
Flight: BA113
Seat: 36A
Cabin: World Traveller Plus

Approach and landing at New York’s John F Kennedy Airport after the eight hour flight from London Heathrow.

The 747 was in good condition considering it’s age, at nearly 21 years of flying it’s bound to be a little worn but the recent cabin refresh hid most of its scars! The entire aircraft shook and vibrated for a few seconds after rotation, I’d forgotten how powerful the jumbo could be on take off so this took me by surprise. The noise level in the cabin is also much louder than I remembered, a world away from the 787 Dreamliner and near silence of the A380.


  1. What impresses me is how crystal clear the video quality is….you can tell the person is using an great recording device….good job

  2. I like how the plane land and got off the runaway quickly with the momentum. They obviously designed it so as to keep traffic moving as quickly as possible.

  3. Hello I will be travelling in this exact seat soon. Is there a clear view of the wing from the window? I have heard some of the windows are slightly misaligned.

  4. Hi – is this one of the new 747s configured with high-J? (86 Business Class) And also was it renovated with the new World Traveller Plus?

  5. hey mate you have great videos and i have subscribed to your channel and it would be great if you could Subscribe back please?

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