This is my best replica of a boeing 747. Enjoy!
It can carry 416 passengers and 4 crew.

Craft file:

Music by Approaching Nirvana

Song: Closer
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Game: Kerbal Space Program:

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  1. I feel like it's still too heavy for its own good. I get its a 747 build but before its ever getting used for a really mission youl need to add 2 extra engines and replace those cabins with fuel. As far as I know the cabins are heavyweight but even then That's a HUGS jet.

  2. Привет из России!(Hello from Russia!) Это божественное видео, мне нравиться твой канал!(It's a godly video, i like your chanel!)

  3. A few notes, you pretty much built the wings with one arm tied behind your back, your music is really annoying because it's on a fucking loop when you could just play different music, also your choice in music for this is absolute trash.

  4. доделай самолету как у обычного самолета что ты там сделал не вижу сзади крылья посмотрел до конца посмотрел задания всё

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