BBC documentary about a British Airways Boeing 747-200 in 1990.
Flight ‘Speedbird 9’ London – Bangkok – Sydney.


  1. Ive worked in avation and heard all the storys of the lavish lifstyles now companies are spoiled ploits are dime to a dozen and dont have half the perks lucky to get a decent hotel

  2. Why are those engines so small???? I wonder why most of the 747 Engines are too small, it looks like they're pretty much forcing those small engines to lift such a heavy plane. The boeing 707 carries small engines but they're turbo jet engines which are very powerful compared to the turbo fan engines of the boeing 747

  3. I bet the -200 in this video has long since been setting out in the Arizona desert by now.  BA has gone to buying 747-8s, and shucking the rest of the older 747 fleet.

  4. I'm positive I've seen something similar(ish) to this but earlier with the aircraft painted in the old BA red-tail livery. I cant seem to find it on youtube anymore :/ Thanks for uploading this one though! its nice to see the everyday workings and especially in the beautiful Landor livery.

  5. Two quick scenes I especially loved was at 4:15, the CONC taking the active and the Swissair DC10 taxiing behind the CSA IL-62. Very nice vid, thanks for posting.

  6. I was a flight attendant till the end of 2001. I have seen my captains and first officers taking naps in cockpit during the flight.

  7. "Pilots are entitled to the finest of hotels and suites"… wow airplane flights have changed so much. No more fine food, lavish experiences and I'm sure no more suited for pilots at the finest hotels.

  8. Awesome video! It does a nice job of summarizing an intercontinental route yet also analyses the industry as a whole. I just checked now and LHR-BKK is still BAW9! I love British documentaries; they don't do them as well here in America. Thanks for sharing.

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