The Pentagon has just licensed the equivalent of half a billion euros of expenditure for the design of two new Air Force A single presidential plane developed to replace the two VC-25As Airlift Wing – assigned by the US Air Force to the transport of the President of the United States.

Little is recognised about it, as we are made use of to looking at them on our television screens, but the two present blue and white planes immaculate with the inscription United States of The usa method thirty decades of age, obtaining was commissioned in 1990, at the time of President George Bush Sr.

Each and every with their 370 m 2 floor house supposed to reproduce all the interior conveniences of the White Property, they are much more than just traveling command posts. Their inner refinement is competing with the ideal of the US significant technologies to make it a centre of interaction intercontinental neuralgic wherever it is. The Boeing VC-25A is guarded versus electromagnetic pulse, from a nuclear explosion, as properly as to lure missiles, without the need of counting several magic formula self-protection products. Each and every Boeing VC-25A is unmatched in phrases of inspection controls. that each individual hour of flight of a presidential airplane fees the trifle of two hundred 000 euros to the American taxpayers.

Each and every of the two VC-25As value $ 325 million in 1987, the calendar year of their initial flights. In look for of value discounts and not to burden the federal finances, which has been criticized by the present occupant of the White Property, the USAF has established its sights on a pair of new Boeing 747-8Is (I for intercontinental) manufacturing facility in 2015 and saved in the open air in the California desert of Mojave soon after their initial acquirer, the Russian firm TransAero, filed for bankruptcy.

These two plane, similar to the nineteen plane now in services at Lufthansa, will be modified and transformed into 747 VIPs, but at a value that ought to be half the selling price of a 747-8I small business jet VIP present worth of a 747 BBJ: five hundred million dollars), of which Boeing has already marketed nine copies …

The delivery of the two foreseeable future presidential VC-25Bs is scheduled for 2018, with entry into services in 2023, flight exam time and commissioning of various modifications, like in-flight refueling make special plane. Thanks to their four much more powerful and significantly less greedy GEnex 2B67 engines, as properly as seen aerodynamic refinements these as winglets, the foreseeable future Air Force A single will also be thirty% quieter and 16% much more strength economical, ought to make the VC-25B, in accordance to Boeing dependable for the world deal, much better presidential mounts than the initial VC-25A.

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