Air China’s first ever Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental (B-2485) got delivered from Boeing and flew non-stop from Paine field, Everett to Beijing Capital, China on 30th September 2014. This video shows the complete cycle of events starting from pushback through take off- subscribe and like!!


  1. I quite like the more retro/classic livery – reminds me of the days way back when, when flying was special, fun, exciting – this is what jetliners looked like.  Great video – may this big graceful bird have many happy flights!

  2. what a beautiful 747-8i.  the worst part is the livery on the vertical tail fin.  looks so outdated.  so messy just like piece of shit.  air china should consider redesign the livery to be more contemporary.

  3. US Based airlines are junks. They don't buy big air planes like these anymore. Only foreign airlines still supporting the 747.

  4. Seems only Lufthansa and Air China are interested in the 748 in a non-cargo configuration.
    I don't think the production lifecycle of the 748 will be as long as that of the 744

  5. Great video and filming! Is the airport for all Boeing aircrafts test flights/delivery! It must be very busy day/night! wheres the airport located? I wish to go there for spotting! I subbed, sub back?

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