President Obama arrives in South Korea via Air Force One at Osan Air Base April 25, 2014. Footage includes Air Force One landing, Marine One taxiing & take off. Video by Senior Airman Traci Keller | 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

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  1. USA has over 800 military bases in the world and south Korea one of them just look at Air Force 1 amazing Trump wil suit in it

  2. This cool dude kills people every Tuesday ! But, that's ok,he is 'eloquent', dresses smartly and flies around in a Boeing 747. So, ordering drone strikes or direct bombing of innocent people who are 'suspected' of something or other are blown to pieces … every Tuesday by this eloquent er psychopath.

  3. we love for peace…
    welcome to visit my country
    beautiful malaysia…
    halal food and nice places

  4. Very logic and iq boine 747 passengers soon as its land get drop down become a passengers of bus face to face .And duiring that process if you lose any laggage or stuff you know to go to look for whom for compensation ….Wish you good luck 3220021400 this was my last flight boarding cards number

  5. Everytime, i take a flight stepping on the ground again is like christmas im excited as hell i wonder if everytime the plane lands he's happy he made it i'm sure they have some type of backup plan for him if it just so happens to go wrong

  6. i would guess that unusual approach and flare angle probably has something to do with anti-missile strategy. keeping it that low off the ground would certainly improve survivability if the aircraft were hit by a missile, and takeoff and final are probably the most vulnerable times so..

  7. I just have this funny visual in my mind of a flight attendant on Air Force One… "I'm sorry, Mr. President, the captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign…"

  8. Why do the Marines have a small ceremony at Marine One, but nothing at Air Force One? Ask some Airmen to march, please

  9. Es llamativo que un aparato tan sofisticado, con senejante tecnologìa, siga usàndose algo tan elemental como son dos tacos de madera, parece anacrònico. Muchas gracias.

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