Demolition and Recycling of a Boeing 747-400 by Aircraft Demolition, LLC


  1. These aircrafts should be EXTREMELY THICK!!!!!!!! 9999999999999999999… inches thick to prevent from being scrapped! UNSCRAPPABLE!!!!!!!!!

  2. VH-OJH FELL DOWN THE SAME WAY IT DID IN 1999. Shame though, but still Qantas should never salvaged this, I wouldnt want to fly in a bent frame that had to be remade and re fitted after crashing. No thanks

  3. Very sad. One can see how aircraft grade aluminum stands up against solid steel of the machines. Twin towers were built of solid steel frame and concrete reinforced with rebar (more steel) to withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, plane strikes, fire while planes are designed and built to be light, to save fuel. Video shows that aluminum is no match for solid steel.

  4. Now is time to upload the machine that can scrap and cut up the excavators, the Stihl ts760. I have never seen anything that it could not cut through.

  5. this just fucking mean. aircraft is the best creation in the world. this is like someone comming and shitting over that. This is bulliying to boeing and commercial aircraft fans. fucking tractor thing. id like to see that get teared up.

  6. Guess that aircraft was like 25 years old or something. Time came for it to be turned into coke cans and bike frames.

  7. I used to do Loadsheets/W&B on this very aircraft almost every day … such a shame to see a proud girl end its life this way !!

  8. I know that they have to do this to an "old" aircraft, but it still hard to watch a once beautiful piece of engineering end its life like this. 

  9. Wow, after 9/11 where plastic & fiberglass nose cones flying @ a lousy 220 knots managed to slice thru 8 walls of 5.5 inch thick steel like a knife through hot butter, it's interesting to see the truth that plastic, fiberglass & thin aluminum really cannot perform such a feat.

    From a ballistics perspective, u require a) Mach 3.0 & b) to be denser than the target u wish to penetrate such as depleted uranium or tungsten to penetrate steel.

    Imagine a cruise missile made of plastic & fiberglass!

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