Airpoirt St Maarten Bikini GIRLS ✱ Force of aircraft engines ✱ Boeing 747 Airbus

Airpoirt St Maarten jet blast ✱ BIKINI GIRLS Amazing Plane landing and Takeoff

Insanely Low St. Maarten landing Slow Motion – This is probably the biggest slow motion video of all time. Planes landing just feet from a public beach
Flying often tends to make either bitter or obsessed with aviation.
Visit Maho Beach in St. Maarten to watch crazy as it sounds.

The incredible footage captures the plane approaching in slow motion
Wheels look like they are close enough to be touched by beach goers
Plane was landing at Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Martin
too close for comfort! Tourist capture amazing slow-motion images plan that only passes the burden of people in Maho Beach the Caribbean

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  1. That looks so much fun ! .  We sat on last light bar B4 the runway started at Otis A.F.B as a kid .   They got to figure out how to ice that beach down at that spot

  2. ohhh yes looks like fun bunch of sand in your eyes and skin and mouth guess if i was smoking a blunt there the blunt would fly away…just like i plan it too… ohh i must go there cant wait for my turn……sike!

  3. I would rather look at those girls asses then the plane

    maybe even spank some and then say to them sorry but it asked for it

  4. i went here back in 2012, and a girl that looked about 17 wearing the worlds most skimpy bikini got jet blasted so bad she did somersaults all the way to the water, shocked no one caught that on camera or put it on youtube.

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