In this video I produced, I will tell you this wonderful STORY of my life. In 1996 I was hired by Silvio Santos SBT, not as I wanted to … but to bring Taurus Miura (bullfighting in Spain) I chartered a DC8 and a Jumbo Boeing 747, … heheh …. you think it was Easy, brought from Mexico and the USA California, thus becoming the First Creator of BRAZIL. See this 1996 video and 97 here on my site.
For 2 years my bulls were stars of the Program of Silvio Santos SBT, TOPA ALL for MONEY, raising 5 points in IBOPE when they entered the scene. Cláudio Franca (Gaucho) was director of the SBT of this competition. Collaboration Esnar Ribeiro, Adriano Dasilva (Getulina) and Fabricio Grisi Médici Jurado

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