Breve documentario su un incredibile hotel costruito all’interno di un Boeing 747! Incredibile!

Short documentary about an incredible hotel built in a Boeing 747! Incredible! One of the most awesome places on earth to spend a night in, this hotel has been entirely built inside an actual Boeing 747! People from all over the world travel to see this incredible b&b and hear its story.

Video: Dani Farenga


  1. Wow, I saw this last week when I was in Stockholm, very curious about this. Looks awesome, would love to try it out on my next visit

  2. Are the engines also hotel rooms or what is it behind the doors?
    The only minus I could think of would be not being possible to open the windows, lol.

  3. I AM SO EXITED ABOUT THIS VIDEO BECAUSE I WENT THERE A FEW YEARS AGO!!! The only reason i have been there is that are plane was delayed for 2 days because they needed to ship a new front wheel, so we went and visited this place.

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