Runway 34 brings a lot of terrific location opportunities for plane spotting at Melbourne Airport [MEL/YMML]. This Qantas 747 Takeoff and Landing shows two of the awesome spots to capture aircraft takeoff and land.

Feeling the incredible jet wash of this 747 as she flew directly overhead was something special. The power of the turbulent air, whilst having nothing on locations like St Maarten (Maho Beach) or Skiathos, was awesome to experience in person!!

Can’t go without mentioning the 4 pods of British brilliance attached to the wings. The RB211’s are some thing as to experience them from a close up spool location such as this one at Melbourne Airport, is something special.

We hope you enjoy the awesome sights and sounds as “Qantas 29/30” takeoff and land at Melbourne Airport!!

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Manufacturer: Boeing
Aircraft Registration: VH-OJT
Type: 747-438
C/N: 25565/1233
Delivery Date:2th October, 1999
Engines: 4x RR RB211-524G/H-T


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  1. Fantastic bird! Took JFK-LAX flight on VH-OJT 2 months ago: amazing sound of those RR engines on take off! Unfortunately those 744 will be history soon… sad.
    Thanks for your video!

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