THE PARISIEN Magazine. Elvis disappears, Emmanuel Macron sees the day. Apple revolutionizes computing, and the RER, the everyday living of the Francilians. The Thirty Superb days are coming to an conclusion.

As the Greens of AS Saint-Etienne mourned their defeat against Liverpool, the French team from Rugby received the Match of the 5 Nations, and Marie Myriam received the Eurovision. In Paris, Jacques Chirac turned the initial elected (and not appointed) mayor of the capital from the Commune. Elvis Presley, Maria Callas, René Goscinny and Charlie Chaplin bowed. It was in 1977. Admittedly, that year was not a “totem” cuvée like 1968, did not knowledge any hanging geopolitical gatherings like 1989 with the slide of the Berlin Wall, or tragedy like the ” Attack of the Entire world Trade Heart in 2001. Caught in between two oil shocks, this classic was even so remarkable. Commencing of the electronic revolution initiated by Apple, launching the Star Wars saga, inauguration of the RER, but also birth, on December 21, of upcoming president Emmanuel Macron …

For journalist Jean-Marie Durand, writer of 1977, electrical year (Robert Laffont), it is “a year zero. The origin of the fault whose shocks we are experiencing now “. A tipping second, the entry issue into a new era. Mathias Bernard, historian and president of the University Clermont Auvergne, confirms: «It is the conclusion of the Trente Gloriouses. At the economic stage, the one million unemployed is crossed. We are witnessing the starting of de-industrialization. At the starting of the decade, there was nonetheless the innovative spirit of Could 1968. In 1977, radicalism was no for a longer period promoted, communism was weakening. Individualism is steadily having over, to the detriment of the great collective utopias. Politics, culture, culture, technological know-how … To realize the world in which we are living now, permit&#39s plunge back again into this (crazy) year.

Politics: Macron-Giscard,


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Some thirty,000 (19459002)

“The Govt of the Republic of Monts / Prepared to move the camp from three,000 to seventeen,000 hectares and to expropriate the peasants, “remembers José Bové. The European deputy, anti-globalization determine, was an opponent of the initial hour to the extension of the Larzac army camp In Aveyron, the place the plateau has been occupied for six several years, and the 103 peasants who have sworn hardly ever to offer their land are supported by anti-militarists and Environmentalists squatting the ground, sow the land. Huge gatherings had been organized in 1973, 1974 and on 13 and fourteen August 1977. It is tough not to feel, forty several years afterwards, of the zones to be defended (ZAD) which distribute in France: at Bure (Meuse) Radioactive waste, in the Tarn against the Sivens dam, and of course in Notre-Dame-des-Landes (Loire-Atlantique). The controversial airport job dates back again to the nineteen seventies. “These occupations of yesterday and now have one factor in popular: they bring alongside one another a lot of persons from outside the house, who aid the territory, energize it, give it An additional utility “, explains Lilian Mathieu, sociologist at the CNRS and specialist of the protest actions. In 1981, the election of François Mitterrand whistled the conclusion of the job of extension of the camp.

Society: equality of the sexes “What was obtained continues to be fragile”

“We have received the Larzac, we now hope the similar with Notre-Dame-des-


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In 1984, Steve Employment offered the successor of the Apple II designed seven several years previously, and is now the famous Mac (Norman Seeff / Photo12)

In the spring of 1977, Apple is a smaller Californian company regarded only to a several dozens of lovers who acquired the Apple I, a computer kit to assemble alone, introduced the year ahead of. , The second equipment that is getting ready to sector the model to the apple, will propel the company and the computer into another dimension in trans Forming a niche item into a customer customer product. Two million copies are marketed throughout the initial seven several years of generation.

Initially, Steve Wozniak, one of Apple&#39s co-founders with Steve Employment, needed to build a “smaller, dependable, straightforward-to-use and reasonably priced” own computer. The Apple II was priced two times as much as its competitors and marketed for $ one,295 (about five,000 euros now) without a reader or observe. “Apple made the variance by offering an” open up “computer, which could be enhanced by introducing growth cards, explains Philippe Nieuwbourg, the creator of the Museum of Informatics in La Défense. It was also straightforward to method it to adapt it for skilled use: cafe reservation system, clean cycle for laundries … “Then, in 1984, Apple will start the Mac … which nonetheless exists now!

With a coloration resolution and 4 KB of RAM – five hundred,000 instances a lot less than the Apple iphone 7 and its 2 GB – the Apple II has delighted gaming lovers. “A lot of persons acquired it just to engage in,” says Jean-Michel Blottière, who was editor-in-main of Tilt, the initial French magazine devoted to this interest. But they did not acknowledge it! Forty several years afterwards, electronic technological know-how has revolutionized our life, and the start out-up designed in a garage in California has develop into the greatest outlined company in the world, valued at more than seven-hundred billion euros.

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Videos: And Star Wars invented the world&#39s entertainment =================================================================================================================================================================== (Lucas Film / Walt Disney / Christophel Assortment)

This is the initial time I&#39ve ever observed this motion picture. Still remembers the shock felt when she observed on the display screen of a cinema in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime), the now legendary “Prolonged back, in a considerably distant galaxy …” , A 12-year-previous creative director who went to see the initial installment of Star Wars in October 1977. She attended the lightsaber battles, turned connected to Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and At R2-D2. “It is one of the most hanging films of my childhood,” she enthuses. I was blown absent by the chase-chases of spaceships, plot, particular effects … “

A slap at the peak of the big bang that the movie directed by George Lucas Has provoked. Hard to think about now that no person, or practically, considered, in 1977, his accomplishment. On its launch in the United States, the attribute movie is screened in only 32 cinemas. But really quickly, he made a cardboard, in The usa and elsewhere. It will create $ 775 million in revenue, with a finances of $ eleven million. Beyond the astronomical gains it has made in the course of its seven episodes, the saga has brought about a metamorphosis of the cultural landscape. “Star Wars was a founding second,” says movie specialist Sarah Leperchey, a lecturer at Paris one. “In the nineteen seventies, it was the emergence of directors like Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese … Hollywood encourages a cinema “Adult”, politicized, dedicated, style films. But they are operating out of steam. Science fiction does not curiosity the studios way too much. Star Wars will inaugurate a design of mass entertainment. “Up to shake the economic design of cinema. Merchandising is introduced. Even now, films themselves are a lot less precious than the sale of products such as the Millenium Falcon in Lego or the R2-D2 plush toys. “It is also the birth of the format” saga “, electronic particular effects … This design, not automatically promoter in conditions of creativeness but guaranteeing vital advantages, will impose alone. It carries on now: Harry Potter, Avengers, X-Guys are all traced on it. And it is not in close proximity to to quit: the eighth episode is declared for December 13 in France.

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Pierre Cangioni, founder and initial presenter of

In 1981, Renaud sings that it is Saturday night time but that he does not want to go out to “not overlook Telefoot” The initial soccer magazine of French tv was introduced by TF1 on 16 September 1977. Prior to being broadcast on Sunday early morning, it occupies the 3rd aspect of the evening, on Friday or Saturday, throughout the matches of the “” Telefoot “was relegated just after a show of kinds of Michel Drucker and an episode of Columbo, remembers Pierre Cangioni, the founder and initial presenter of the show. The channel administration did not think way too much in the accomplishment of a one-hour magazine devoted to a single activity. This sort of method has existed for a very long time in England or in Germany. Now, offered by Christian Jeanpierre, “Telefoot” generally draws in more than one million devoted each individual week and continues to be the oldest sports activities method just after “Stade 2”, designed in December 1975.

The seem of the year 1977 – forty titles decided on by the editorial staff of the Parisian magazine ]

The Democrat Jimmy Carter will become the 39th President of the United States. : The Nationwide Heart of Art and Lifestyle Georges-Pompidou is inaugurated in Paris (4th)

March 19 : the XV of France wins the Match of the 5 Nations Jacques Chirac is elected mayor of Paris just after the initial elections held in the capital since 1871.

March 27 : The collision in between two Boeing 747 in Tenerife, the Canaries, made 583 fatalities. It&#39s the worst air catastrophe in heritage.

April eight : The Clash releases their initial album.

7 Could : Marie Myriam wins the Eurovision for France with the music The Chicken and the Baby .

Could 25 : the initial aspect of Star Wars, the saga of George Lucas, is introduced in the United States.

Bernard-Henri Lévy is invited to Bernard Pivot&#39s “Apostrophes” method devoted to the new philosophers.

: The Frenchman Bernard Thevenet (in yellow) wins the Tour de France

] : Hanns Martin Schleyer, the president of the German employers&#39 affiliation, was arrested on seventeen September . He died of Elvis Presley, buried two days afterwards in Memphis. West, is abducted by the Purple Army Portion, alias the Baader Band. Hamada Djandoubi is the past one to be executed in France.

September 19 : Hamida Djandoubi is the past one condemned to be executed in France. The “Téléfoot” method is introduced on TF1

November five : death of René Goscinny, one of the fathers of Asterix.

November : the Egyptian Anwar el-Sadat is the initial Arab leader to make a stop by to Israel.

: The Concorde connects for the initial time Paris to New York . The supersonic plane makes the relationship in 3 and a fifty percent several hours

eight December : the initial line of the RER, the regional specific community, is inaugurated. ] 21 December : birth in Amiens of Emmanuel Macron, upcoming president of the Republic