This is probably the best painted Boeing 747 which is currently flying around. I made this video at Liege, last sunday, when the 747 arrived for a fuel stop on its way from Calgary to Kuwait. Check the special “Expo 2020” sticker on the nose. Most of the time these 747`s are based in Dubai.

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Camera used. Canon 5dMarkiii + Canon 100-400


  1. It is indeed a beautiful bird! Just FYI, this plane wasn't heading to Kuwait from Calgary. This plane was actually carrying horses from a show in Calgary back to Liege. The plane then continued on to Kuwait to get back into its regular schedule. Great filming and sound, nice job!

  2. අනිත් එක අහස්යනත්‍රයකට 747 එකට ගහන්න බැහැ. මේකෙ තියෙන්නෙ පුදුම ලස්සනක්.

  3. My 'down' vote is not for the video nor its quality but for the sharer's exclamatory "Best…Ever". I'm not seeing it. Actually the livery is a yawn to me. You all know the adages, "there is no accounting for taste," "one man's treasure, another's trash." Thank you for sharing, however. Very nice vid capture of that 744.

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