In celebration of passing 100k subscribers, we have a bit of a special and unique video for you, ILS 27 breakoff runway 24 with ATC.

Today you can join in on the flightdeck of this KLM Martinair Cargo Boeing 747-400 ERF flying an instrument approach followed by a visual circling manoeuvre to land.

The video starts in the descent over the north sea west of Amsterdam. We are then radar vectored via the north of Schiphol on a high extended right downwind for runway 27 (buitenveldertbaan). We intercept the ILS for 27 and are eventually given a breakoff to land on runway 24 (kaagbaan).

The breakoff is a visual circling manoeuvre. First the instrument approach is followed for 27. When in an appropriate position the pilot then transitions to visual outside references to position the aircraft to land on a different runway.
This procedure is often used during south-west storms when the wind only allows landings on 24. This time though, it just saved a lot of taxi time and fuel.

Thank you very much for watching

Also check out the captains side view:

Recorded with: Sony Handycam, GoPro HERO3 Black.


  1. Afterwards did the pilots go and have a gay gang bang sniffing poppers and watching some hardcore porno at their hotel rooms?

  2. Did anyone else think he touched down quite early – very close to the threshold? It made me say "ooh" anyway! To me, the altitude countdown was coming too quickly for comfort, when we were still seeing the raw threshold! This captain knows Schiphol like the back of his hand, so what do I know!!

  3. Wow, he controls it by hand all the way. How do pilots know at what rate to descend to make it to the runway correctly? Is there an indicator telling him the appropriate altitude for every particular moment in flight?

  4. Amazing approach.I hope I would develop the same hand flying skills as the captain hahaha. When he turned off the FD, he did not disappoint with his stick and rudder skills. Hats off to the crew!

    Btw did anyone else notice the REV indicator not showing up on ENG#1 during rollout? Does that mean that engine one is not on reverse? Can anyone clarify? Thank you!

  5. At first I didn't realize it was a break off approach. I saw him go 2 dots high on the ILS…then I saw the actual landing runway.. thanks.

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