In this video we take you along on this beautiful approach and show you a fully manual raw data ILS and landing at Santiago de Chile International Airport. (SCL / SCEL)
We approach from the east making a stunning crossing over the Andes Mountain range on the border of Argentina and Chile.
Landing is performed on Runway 17L.

Approach is flown fully manual F/D OFF and A/T OFF.
Captured from the flightdeck of a KLM Martinair Cargo Boeing 747-400ERF.

Timelapse Version:

Recorded with: Sony Handycam, GoPro HERO3 Black.


  1. You're description is misleading. This was a visual approach, the raw data ILS gave only secondary reference. Now if it had been IMC, then it would have been a true raw data ILS approach

  2. When the speed is being set on the autopilot system, why does the pilot still control the throttle with his hand? Thanks

  3. Flaps Up, maintain a Heading of Five Zero Niner… check king point king king. (Roger that) I miss my days in the Tower.

  4. Hi Good Day! Your video is so awesome.. I was wondering if I can use your clip from 3:43 to 3:47 just 5 seconds for my mini project (a music video) for a non profit organization.. I can send you more information about it … thanks..

  5. Very nicely flown.
    Great to see the FD's off, that's the best way to keep these hand-flying skills sharp.

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