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An overview of the B747-400 cockpit for pilots. Covers PFD, ND, EICAS, MCP, FMS, and overhead panel. NOT an approved training video for informational and entertainment use only.


  1. If a tech savy, never flown before non-pilot were in the cock pit. What are the chances he could be talked through a safe landing over the radio? Just curious if that is actually possible or only something you see in the movies! Thanks 🙂

  2. I still like Flying the 1950's Caravelle, and the 707 & L-1011's and the Constellation propliners myself !  and the Convair 880's too !!

  3. Thank you James, good information. I'll be leaving the classic for the 400 this year, any idea where I can get some good training interactive cd's?


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