Boeing 747-400 Dream Lifter

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Short Description:
The Boeing Dreamlifter is a modified 747-400 airliner that can carry more bulk cargo than any airplane in the world.
It is the primary means of transportation for Boeing 787 Dreamliner suppliers around the world to final assembly facilities in Everett, Washington. This reduces delivery times today.
It depends on the payload, but it is comparable to other members of the 747 family.
211.5 feet (64.44 meters)
235 feet, 2 inches (71.68 meters)
70 feet, 8 inches (21.54 meters)
Opening of tail loading doors:
Hinge in the aft section of the fuselage
Cruising speed:
Mach 0.82
Loading capacity:
65,000 cubic feet
The maximum take-off weight:
£ 803,000
Manufacturing schedule:
Modifications started in 2005
First flight 2006
Flight test, 2007 certification
Back to services 2007

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