Rare NZ airshow footage showing one of Air New Zealand’s Boeing 747-400’s, ZK-SUH performing an amazing high speed low pass at the Ardmore Airshow, March 8th 2003. Features live commentary from the cockpit. Turn up the sound for the flyby!!!

Ardmore Airport (NZAR), Auckland, New Zealand.


  1. Some years ago, at the Abbotsford Airshow 40th anniversary they had a 747 make 3 passes. low and slow dirty, then clean up and pull hard up under full throttle, low and slow clean, and high speed with a nice pull up. best part of the whole show

  2. Fucking idiot this was not a high speed pass or anything close to it. I'd be surprised if you can even dress yourself in the mornings with out help. What a fucking retard.

  3. Give the big bird a little more credit than that. I think the wings have the strength to withstand 600 mph at a few hundred feet. It's been documented that a 747SP (N4522V) exceeded it's designed endurance of mach 0.92 (over 700 mph) during a dive incident from 41,000 feet in 1985, possibly going supersonic. Which did cause some structural damage, but the wings remained in place, and the plane landed safely.

  4. They would have their wings ripped of if they fly with that speed at such a low altitude because of the high air density !

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