Full startup and heavy rain departure from Miami Intl. Airport (MIA/KMIA) Miami, Florida. Viewed from the flightdeck of a KLM Martinair Cargo Boeing 747-400ERF heading back to Amsterdam.
Video show the full startup and pushback, taxi out and take-off from runway 09 with ATC and interphone recordings.


Recorded with: Sony Handycam, GoPro HERO3 Black.


  1. It's amazing any new air craft use wipers. With all the technical advances these days you would think we were way past wipers.

  2. My dad used to be a mechanic for Northwest Airlines(Delta now) and worked on the 747s (the passenger versions).

  3. "John, we have to go. There is a problem and they need us at the control tower.""The control tower….what is it?"It's a tall skinny building with a room on top that directs the planes on the ground but that's not important right now!"    Great video and view that not many of us will ever see.  Thanks for posting.

  4. I salute you guys. The amount of balls and brains that it takes to do your job is grossly underpaid. The amount of responsibility you have is immense. Do not let your love of flying allow the corporate pogues to screw you out of your fair recompense. Screw those tassle-toed bean counters. You deserve double the pay you are getting!

  5. One of the benefits of being a freelance pilot is that you can video tape cockpit actions whether the company allows it or not.

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  7. Pilot has a little OCD. That's not a bad thing for a pilot.

    TPC really needs to do more like Pilot's Eye with GTC, ATC, descriptions, graphics, etc. It jiust makes for more interesting viewing.

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